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   Our Scorpio Mini Head is a great 2-Axis remote head that can be mounted on cranes, dollies or tripods for a variety of uses. You can use it to keep the operator out of harms way for a stunt or use it to record a move to play back exactly in a second pass for VFX. This remote head couples seamlessly with Scorpio crane, such as our Scorpio 23, for encoder communication offering an even wider variety of options such as back pan and motion generator, allowing you to pick a point in space to track while the arm is moving. This allows the operator to concentrate on framing the perfect shot rather than having to compensate for a movement while also trying to hold a frame.
   The Scorpio Mini Head can hold a typical studio package easily and can be built in different sizes to accommodate a specific shot.  Check out our spec sheet or contact us for more information.


Check out our SPEC SHEET or contact us for more information.

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