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   Our Scorpio 23 telescopic crane is the perfect NYC crane allowing it to fit into the smallest of locations while still delivering the reach and height you need once inside. Fitting easily through standard doorways, and with the added ability of being disassembled in 30min, this crane can will get your shot!
Packaged with the rigid Scorpio Mini Head, the two communicate encoder information to give the operator back-pan, as well as motion generator position tracking. This allow you to pick a point in space and the Scorpio Mini Head will keep the camera locked on that target while the arm swings, telescopes or booms!

The Scorpio23 arc compensation feature allows the telescope to automatically correct for the swing of the arm, making the camera move in a straight line. The crane can also record telescope moves and play them back, program telescope limits, ramps, and swap from underslung mode to overslung mode. 40ft of meter wide track is included with the package.

Check out our SPEC SHEET or contact us for more information.

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