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Our Jimmy Jib Triangle packages come complete with Joystick Control, Zoom/Focus Controls, HD LCD monitor, 2 Axis Stanton Head, All Control cables for Fujinon and Canon HD Lens’, Geared motors for film or odd lens control, and complete spares just in case!

Our Jibs can be built from 3ft to 30ft reach, placed on track, mounted to center post dollies, specialty rigs or camera cars, and can be complimented with the following options:

• Wireless Headsets

• 60° 3rd Axis Head

• 360° Roll 3rd Axis Head

• Shotover G-1 Stabilized Head with joystick or Wheels Controls • Preston FIZ

• Preston Light Ranger 2

• Assistant Monitor w/stand

Check out our spec page below and contact us for more information or to help fit the Jimmy Jib Triangle into your production!

Check out our SPEC SHEET or contact us for more information.

The Jimmy Jib Triangle is the work horse of the concert, tv, commercial and live broadcast worlds. Designed to run by one operator, it allows for the most beautiful, creative shots to be obtained while keeping costs down for production.

Our Jimmy Jibs have worked on countless

Commercials; such as: Verizon Fios, Canon, Allstate, IBM, 

Concerts; such as: iHeart Radio, JayZ, Elton John, Kanye West, CC Music Factory..., TV Shows; such as: Master Of None, TED Talks, Believe, Ink Master

Live Broadcasts; such as: Revlon Walk, Elton John VR Final Tour Announcement, Sherry Hill Fashion Show, MTV Music Awards, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News... Movies; such as: Tower Heist, Music and Lyrics, 

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