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The Shotover G-1 is a light weight carbon fiber Stabilized remote head with the same stabilization algorithms used in their larger aerial remote Heads. This unshakeable head uses direct drive motors for optimal stabilization. Made for compact and light weight cameras such as Reds and Alexa Mini with light weight compact zooms, the camera gets built into the Head by the technician. 


 The Kit comes with our own customized Heden lens control motors, lightweight iris rods, support rods, wireless video, and all hardware needed to mount your camera and lens securely to the G-1. All you need is the camera body and the lens!  The Shotover G-1 can be Controlled via our completely wireless joystick desk that can be worn on a chest harness, allowing controls of pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus, and an assortment of options to tune in your custom needs. Handwheels can also be used to control pan tilt, or roll separately. A Preston MDR can be connected to the system via our custom cables to allow a Preston Hand Unit to control the Heden motors wirelessly, using either joystick or hand wheel controls. A variety of operating modes, stemming from the aerial world, can be chosen to simplify your operating, allowing for this remote head to avoid “gimbal lock,” (or being stuck in a position that doesn’t allow needed movement.)

Check out our SPEC SHEET or contact us for more information.

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