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AGITO BAse G1 Head-100.jpg

Introducing the AGITO robotic dolly system! This remote control camera platform will inspire your creativity with never before thought of camera movement. Packaged with our Shotover G-1 Remote Head, this fully wireless system can provide completely smooth moving shots on some of the roughest terrain. With a maximum speed of 30mph, we can overtake your actor running full speed or track a stunt scene from a never before seen angle.

Project - Drawing 1_5.png

The Agito has:

  • 2-way, 4-way, and crab steering

  • Fine tuning control over acceleration, deceleration, and maximum speeds

  • Exchangeable wheels based on terrain

  • Fully adjustable suspension

  • Vertical shock absorber (V-Con Pro)

  • Ability to record a path and play back from the start mark

  • A unique 3 part core designed to travel easily.

The Agito features are continually growing so check out more as we go!  Ask for a demo, check out or spec sheet, and contact us for more information.

Check out our spec sheet or contact us for more information.

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