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Paul McKenna - 9B57E893-32AF-4965-92E1-E
M7evo Line Drawing (2).png

The M7evo is the latest and greatest version of the M7.  This 4-axis, direct drive stabilized head can move your camera in any direction, in any mounting configuration.  Flips and rolls are just the beginning.  Four different operating modes make camera operating a breeze; whether the camera is upright, upside down, or if the head is cantilevered in any direction.  Controls via wheels, joystick, pan bar, or strain gauge hand held joystick.  Effortlessly handles high G-Forces, typical in extreme camera car work, with perfectly level horizon and frame relative control.  The 

M7evo features upgraded bearings, structure, motors, heat control, noise control, battery life, payload clearance, and video, compared to its predecessors! 

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